Piano Class Information

Piano classes are small, only 3 students.  Each student has the use of an electronic keyboard.  Keyboards can play “silently” or “aloud” for group ensemble playing.  Piano classes prove that children enjoy learning in a fun, relaxed piano class atmosphere.  Friendships develop, and the joy of sharing music is experienced.  Students are grouped according to age and ability. 

Benefits of Classes Versus Private Instruction

  • Students have been found to retain concepts better, practice more, and continue longer than those who take private lessons.
  • Classes are more economical.  Tuition is approximately $80 per month plus materials.

Piano Class Method

Students are taught a stimulating, thorough, and graduated course written during the past twenty years by Texas piano teacher, Mayron Cole.  This piano method is now marketed nationally and is this country’s leading group piano method.  Each level contains original music, recital solos, practice sheets, rhythm exercises, theory fun sheets, music history, and favorite classics.  For more information on this particular method, contact me, or visit the Mayron Cole website,


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