For the very young:

For Students Who Begin at Age 3.5 to 4

Age 3 to 4 1/2 is a very special age in the musical development of a person!  This is the best age to begin training a child’s EAR for music.  Beyond age 5, the ability to train the ear is not guaranteed.  I teach four-year-olds from a method of music called “Absolute Pitch Training—We Hear and Play” developed by Naoyuki and Ruth Taneda over the last thirty years.  The child learns to hear a sound and know exactly what note that sound is by playing games that develop his/her ear.  Children also learn rhythm, beginning theory, and beginning piano technique.  Please contact me for more information, or check out the website specifically about this  method,

Benefits of Absolute Pitch Training

Being able to hear a note and knowing absolutely what that note is puts a child, and later an adult, at a great advantage.  They will be able to learn pieces more quickly, memorize music more easily, and compose music more easily.  They will most likely be able to grasp music theory concepts more readily as well.


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